2015 03 28-29, Šiauliai: Brunhilda and Zerika has participated in an international to day cat show. Brunhilda is now a Champion and Zerika has received a CACIB on Sunday (she did not participate on Saturday).

2015 03 15, Riga: Brunhilda (Panda at home :) ) has received her first CAC this Sunday in Riga!

2014 11 27, Vilnius: Our Grioza has babies!

2014 10 25-26, Prague: Our Brunhilda has participated in the World Cat Show in Prague!

2014 10 04-05, Kaunas: Our Brunhilda has received Ex1 x2 and a BIV certificate in this weekend show!

2014 04 04, Vilnius: Our Zerika has babies!

2014 01 11-12, Warsaw: Our Zerika has received CAC and CACIB certificates in last weekend show!

2013 08 08, Vilnius: Our Grioza has babies!

2013 07 12, UK: Our Zelda has babies! Congratulations to her owner Maria and Zelda!

2013 06 07 A short article about Kurilian bobtails in general and a little about our cattery! Read the article here (only in lithuanian).

2013 03 23 TV: Our cattery was featured on TV! Watch the interview here (only in lithuanian).

2013 03 9-10, Riga: Zerika Karmino Cat 2xCAC in an international show organised by Rebuss.

2013 01 01, Minsk: Rikki-Rayne Lake Evendim gave birth to three lovely kittens, father Excalibur Karmino Cat sends greetings to his babies.

2012 10 6-7, Vilnius: Serafima Karmino Cat 2 NomBIS and 2 BIS Neuter in 3rd Cat. in Vilnius International cat show organised by Bubaste. We have kittens for sale from these promising bloodlines.

2012 09 15, Riga: Our 6 months old Zerika Karmino Cat got nominated and won Best in Show Junior in Riga International cat show organised by Rebuss.lv!